Chicago Tribune 1885

Report of Chicago Tribune Special Correspondent, December 1885 Source: Chicago Tribune, 15 Dec 1885, cited from Ebbie Richardson, “David Whitmer,” pp. 203-8. [This article appeared in the Chicago Tribune, 15 December 1885, and was reprinted in the Deseret News of 24 December 1885.] DAVID WHITMER He Describes the Translation of the Golden Tablets at Which … Read more

Edward Stevenson 1886

Another Interview of David Whitmer By Edward Stevenson, 1886 Source: Edward Stevenson to D. H. Wells, cit. Andrew Jenson, Historical Record 6 (May 1887): 211-12 [The following interesting information is from the pen of Elder Edward Stevenson, a prominent missionary of pioneer days. The letter, dated February 16, 1886, and addressed to President Daniel H. … Read more

Edward Stevenson – 1887

A Visit to David Whitmer by Edward Stevenson Source: Edward Stevenson, “A Visit to David Whitmer,” Juvenile Instructor  22 (15 Feb 1887):55 [page 55] I recently had great pleasure in visiting and conversing with David Whitmer, the only surviving witness of the three whose names are prefixed to the Book of Mormon, testifying that an … Read more

Susan Young Gates 1887

David Whitmer’s Testimony to Susa Young Gates, 1887 Source: David Whitmer to Susie Gates, 11 Feb 1887, typescript, Whitmer Papers, RLDS Archives. David Whitmer to Sister Susie Gates, 11 Feb 1887 (Richmond, Missouri). Your letter received and read (to me) with much pleasure. I would like very much to see you and of course would … Read more

Anthony Metcalfe 1887

David Whitmer’s Testimony to Anthony Metcalf, 1887 Source: David Whitmer to Anthony Metcalf, April 1887, cited from Anthony Metcalf, Ten Years Before the Mast (Malad City, In, 1888; New Haven Research Publications, 1967). [In March, 1887, I [Anthony Metcalf] wrote a letter to David Whitmer, requesting him to explain to me the condition he was … Read more

Richmond Democrat 1888

David Whitmer’s Last Hours: Statement in Richmond Democrat, February 1888 Source: Richmond Democrat, 2 Feb 1888, cit. Andrew Jenson, “David Whitmer,” The Historical Record 7 (Oct 1888): 622-24 [David Whitmer, the last of the witnesses to the Book of Mormon, died at his residence in Richnmond, Ray County, Missouri, 25 Jan 1888, aged 83 years … Read more

Chicago Tribune 1888

Report by Chicago Tribune of Death of David Whitmer, 1888 DAVID WHITMER DEAD Source: “David Whitmer Dead,” The Saints’ Herald 35 (4 Feb 1888): 67-68 [page 67] From the Chicago Tribune of January 24th, 1888, we clip the following: “David Whitmer Passing Away. Richmond, Missouri, January 23—David Whitmer, the last one of the three witnesses … Read more

Deseret News 1944

Another Account of James H. Moyle’s Interview With David Whitmer Source: Deseret News, 2 Aug 1944, cited in Nibley, Witnesses, pp. 92-97. [page 92] [David Whitmer, the last surviving member of the Three Witnesses of the Book of Mormon, died at Richmond, Missouri, January 25, 1888, 58 years ago. As far as it is known … Read more

Colonel Giles – 1952

Colonel Giles’ Interview with David Whitmer Source: Mary A. S. Anderson, ed., Joseph Smith, III, and the Restoration (Independence: Herald House, 1952), p. 311. [page 311] David Whitmer’s Testimony The Colonel [Giles, resident of Richmond, accompanied by Captain Fall] in an affable and friendly manner, discussed with Elder Whitmer the testimony the latter had borne … Read more