Bear Lake Democrat 1883

David Whitmer Interviewed by Palmer, Marks,

Davis, and Pratt, June 1883

Source: Bear Lake Democrat, 14 July 1883, cit. JH, 3 July 1883, pp. 5-6.

[page 5] [The following article appeared in the Bear Lake Democrat on 14 July 1883:]

Covington, Fountain County, Indiana.

July 3, 1883

Editor, Democrat:

Elders W. M. Palmer, S. R. Marks, D. F. Davis and myself accompanied by O. Shelby of Indiana, on June 30, visited David Whitmer at Richmond, Ray County, Missouri, and heard him bear testimony to the truth of his testimony as it is recorded in the Book of Mormon. His mind seemed clear and his recollection of things pertaining to the [page 6] translation of the Book of Mormon, and the visitation of the angel, and the voice of the Lord, seemed to be vivid and perfect. He is quite feeble in body, and when he was relating to us some minor items he would falter a little, but when giving his testimony he would straighten up, his voice would be firm, his eye would flash and one could feel that he spoke by the spirit of truth. Our interview was short but very interesting. He received us kindly and bid us stick to the truth. . . .

M. W. Pratt