Edward Stevenson 1877

David Whitmer Interviewed by Edward Stevenson, December 1877 Source: Edward Stevenson to Orson Pratt, 23 Dec 1877 in JH, 23 Dec 1877, pp. 3-4 Hudgins House, Richmond, Ray County, Missouri December 23, 1877. Orson Pratt, Salt Lake City, Dear Brother: I have just returned from the third interview with David Whitmer, since our arrival at … Read more

Thomas Marsh – 1838

Thomas Marsh’s Interview with David Whitmer and Oliver Cowdery, 1838 Source: “History of Thomas Baldwin Marsh [by himself],” Millennial Star 26 (1864) [page 406] After making preparations I started from Far West [1838] and moved three miles out of town, ostensibly for the purpose of settling, and soon moved off to Clay County, and from … Read more

Chicago Times – 1875

Chicago Times Interviews David Whitmer, August 1875 Source: Salt Lake Herald, 12 Aug 1875, cited from Ebbie L V Richardson, “David Whitmer: A Witness to the Divine Authenticity of the Book of Mormon” (M.A. thesis, Brigham Young University, 1952), pp. 156-58. [On 12 August 1875, the Salt Lake Herald reprinted the following article which appeared … Read more

Edward Stevenson – January 7 1878

Edward Stevenson to John Taylor, 7 January 1878 Source: Edward Stevenson to John Taylor in Journal History, 7 Jan 1878, pp. 2-3. [Under the date of 7 Jan 1878, the Journal History of the Church included a letter from Elder Stevenson to President John Taylor containing substantially the same information with the following addition:] Shady … Read more

Edward Stevenson – January 21 1878

Edward Stevenson, Letter to Editor, Salt Lake Herald, 21 January 1878 Source: Edward Stevenson to editors of the Salt Lake Herald, 21 January 1878, cited from Ebbie Richardson, “David Whitmer,” pp. 161-62. [In a letter to the Herald, 21 Jan 1878, Edward Stevenson gave the editors additional information gleaned from the same interviews with David … Read more

Dr. P. Wilhelm Poulson 1878

Dr. P. Wilhelm Poulson Reports Visit with David Whitmer, 1878 Source: P. W. Poulson to editors of the Deseret News, 13 Aug 1878, cited from Deseret News, 16 Aug 1878, p. 2. [Dr. Poulson, living in Ogden, wrote to the editors of the Deseret News concerning a visit he had had with David Whitmer. The … Read more

Orson Pratt – Joseph F. Smith 1878

Interview with David Whitmer by Orson Pratt and Joseph F. Smith, September 1878 Source: “Report of Elders Orson Pratt and Joseph F. Smith,” Millennial Star 40 (9 Dec 1878): 771-74 [The following interviews of David Whitmer by Orson Pratt and Joseph F. Smith, took place at Richmond, Missouri, on the 7th and 8th of September, … Read more

Kansas City Journal 1878

Missouri Papers Report Interview of O. Pratt and J. F. Smith with David Whitmer, 1878 Source: Kansas City Journal, 22 Sept 1878, p 4. The Book of Mormon The Richmond, Ray County, Missouri, Conservator has an account of an occurrence that has great interest to all who have any acquaintance with the Mormons. It is … Read more

Joseph Smith III 1879

Joseph Smith III Substantiates David Whitmer’s Testimony, 1879 Source: Joseph Smith, III, to David Whitmer, 2 Sep 1879, Joseph Smith, III, Papers, RLDS Archives. Mr. David Whitmer, Richmond, Missouri My object in writing is to invite you to attend the semi annual session of our conference, to be held at Galland’s Grove, Iowa, the 24 … Read more

Jesse R. Badham 1881

Jesse R. Badham’s Account of an Interview with David Whitmer, March 1881 Source: Diary of Jesse R. Badham, Whitmer Papers, RLDS Archives. 20 March 1881. In Richmond, Ray County, Missouri. Visited David Whitmer the remaining living witness to the Book of Mormon—He bore a strong testimony—that an angel shewed him the book and the characters … Read more