Prophesied – Yes

David warned Sidney and Joe NOT to publish the revelations (Book of Commandments) prophesying that if they did so, their press would be destroyed and the Saints would be driven from their lands. According to David, Joe would not listen, but was more focused on the money they would make from the sales:

Brother Joseph said as follows:

Any man who objects to having these revelations published, shall have his part taken out of the Tree of Life and out of the Holy City.

The Spirit of God came upon me (David) and I prophesied to them IN THE NAME OF THE LORD:

That if they sent those revelations to Independence to be published in a book, the people would come upon them and tear down the printing press, and the church would be driven out of Jackson County.

BROTHERS JOSEPH AND SIDNEY LAUGHED AT ME (David Whitmer, An Address to all Believers in Christ, p. 55).


The following documents vindicate David Whitmer and show that the citizens were not pleased with the threats by Joe: