Kansas City Journal 1881

Report in Kansas City Journal of Interview with David Whitmer, June 1881 Source: Kansas City Journal, 5 June 1881 reprinted in “Mormonism,” Millennial Star 43 (4 July 1881):421-23, 437-39 [Editor’s Note: The following interview with David Whitmer was published in the Kansas City Journal under date 5 June 1881, and subsequently published in the Millennial … Read more

Chicago Times 1881

The Chicago Times Interview Reprinted and Revised, November 1881 Source: Richmond Conservator, 18 Nov 1881, cited in Ebbie Richardson, “David Whitmer,” pp. 187-91 [page 187] Six years following the publication by the Chicago Times (in the 7 Aug 1875 issue), of an interview with David Whitmer, the Richmond Conservator, under the date of November 18, … Read more

Bear Lake Democrat 1883

David Whitmer Interviewed by Palmer, Marks, Davis, and Pratt, June 1883 Source: Bear Lake Democrat, 14 July 1883, cit. JH, 3 July 1883, pp. 5-6. [page 5] [The following article appeared in the Bear Lake Democrat on 14 July 1883:] Covington, Fountain County, Indiana. July 3, 1883 Editor, Democrat: Elders W. M. Palmer, S. R. … Read more

Deseret News 1883

Interview of David Whitmer, 19 July 1883 Source: JH, 19 July 1883, p. 3. [The following additional information on this interview is found in the Journal History, under date 19 July 1883. In a letter to the editor of the Deseret News, 21 July 1883, S. R. Marks makes reference to the same visit, stating … Read more

James H. Hart 1883

David Whitmer Interviewed by James H. Hart, 21 August 1883 Source: JH, 23 Aug 1883, p. 3 [James H. Hart was president of the St. Louis Stake from 1855-1857, was the financial agent for the Church in the St. Louis region, and served as Emigrant Agent for the Church in New York from 1881 to … Read more

E. R. Kelly 1884

David Whitmer Affirms Testimony of Oliver Cowdery, March 1884 Source: David Whitmer to E. R. Kelly, 3 Mar 1884, RLDS Archives. Dear Sir: . . . Oliver Cowdery never to my knowledge denied any part of his testimony, on the contrary, as I have done, protested against every fabrication made by designing persons and parties … Read more

E. C. Briggs 1884

An Interview with David Whitmer By E. C. Briggs, April 1884 Source: E. C. Briggs, Interview, cited by Ebbie Richardson, “David Whitmer,” p. 200. [The following excerpt of an interview with Mr. Whitmer is taken from the History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Lamoni: Iowa: Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ … Read more

George Q. Cannon 1884

George Q. Cannon’s Interview with David Whitmer, 1884 Source: George Q. Cannon in Juvenile Instructor 19 (1 April 1884): 106-107 [George Q. Cannon was ordained an apostle in 1860 and was counselor to three presidents of the Church. Following his interview with David Whitmer in 1884, he wrote and account of David Witmer’s testimony which … Read more

Zenas H. Gurley 1885

Zenas H. Gurley Interview 14 January 1885, Richmond, Missouri    Questions asked of David Whitmer at his home in Richmond Ray County Mo – January 14 – 1885. relating to Book of Mormon, and the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of L D. S. by Elder Z H Gurley 1Q Do you know … Read more

James H. Moyle 1885

James H. Moyle Reports Interview With David Whitmer, July 1885 Source: James H. Moyle in Conference Report (April 1930):121-22. [Elder Moyle is probably the last individual who related his experience with David Whitmer. He visited him in July, 1885, and lived until February 19, 1946. While President of the Eastern States Mission of the Church … Read more