William O. Lewis, III – a.k.a. Grampa Bill – 2007

William O. Lewis, III – a.k.a. Grampa Bill has a website full of biographies of LDS General Authorities. Though he was kind to list David Whitmer (since the LDS Church Almanac does not) his hack of David’s Proclamation is unnerving. The following was removed without the slightest mention that he did so: And that no … Read more

Bob Bennett – 2009

The following comes from Leap of Faith: Confronting the Origins of the Book of Mormon by Bob Bennett, Deseret 2009: Three of them–Oliver Cowdery, Martin Harris, and David Whitmer–swore that they had also seen and talked with Moroni and that the voice of God had told them that the plates were genuine and the translation correct. Believers take … Read more

Steven C. Harper – 2009

David Whitmer said Joseph gave some ridiculous revelations, so ridiculous he dared not mention them. In a recent article at Mormon Times entitled “Newly found revelation of Joseph Smith” by Michael De Groote (Friday, Oct. 16, 2009) Steven C. Harper (one of the three volume editors for the Joseph Smith Papers Project) had the following disparages to … Read more

Jeffrey R. Holland – 2009

Though not a direct disparage of David, his speech on the Book of Mormon disparages all Book of Mormon followers who leave the Mormon Church: If anyone is foolish enough or misled enough to reject 531 pages of a heretofore unknown text teeming with literary and Semitic complexity without honestly attempting to account for the … Read more

Don’t Read or Teach the Book of Mormon

Pauline Hancock was RLDS, but separated to follow the Book of Mormon. The following footnotes come from Louis Midgley “Playing with Half a Decker: The Countercult Religious Tradition Confronts the Book of Mormon” in FARMS Review: Volume – 5, Issue – 1, Pages: 116-71, A review of “Meeting the Book of Mormon Challenge in Chile” … Read more

Mormon Think

Mormonthink, Mormon Think, MT We filed this group under “Anti-Mormon” even though they claim that the majority of their contributors are LDS: About 25 Latter-day Saints have contributed substantially to the MormonThink website. The majority of those people are active, church-going members of the LDS Church. Most of us still attend church regularly, do our … Read more

Rob Johnson – Truth Shall Set You Free Ministries

It’s heartbreaking to have another disparager among the ranks of the ex-Mormons – Rob Johnson of The Truth Shall Set You Free Ministries, an ex-Mormon after 40 years who served a mission and had many callings. He can’t leave Mormonism alone and simply walk away:  The mind can’t let go what the heart knows: The Book … Read more

Dan Vogel – Early Mormon Documents Vol. V

Dan Vogel  Ex-Mormon and Atheist Early Mormon Documents, Vol. V   “Has come under fire by Mormon apologists who allege he is biased and critical of Mormon faith claims.[5] He is sometimes also criticised by ex-Mormons and anti-Mormons for not being sufficiently critical of Joseph Smith” (Wikipedia, retrieved 12/21/11) “When Whitmer explained that Joseph Smith had … Read more