Disparaged – Yes

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Dictated – Yes

David said the “translation” process was more like “dictation” where Joseph saw the already translated English and either spoke the words or spelled them out. When Book of Mormon critics accused the Book of Mormon of having “bad grammar,” LDS apologists were quick to say it was Joseph’s fault; that he used his own language: … Read more

Copyright – Yes

The text of a revelation by Joseph Smith about selling the copyright of the Book of Mormon has been kept from the public until the publishing of the Joseph Smith Papers Project volume “Revelations and Translations.” There, on page 31, the revelation is in full just as David said: Joseph did try to sell the … Read more

Book of Commandments – Yes

David claimed the Book of Commandments was printed in full, but the LDS and Community of Christ churches say it was not. This implies David lied, or, they have something to hide. According to David Whitmer, “Joseph and company” purposely made significant changes to the revelations which completely altered their meaning. The Book of Commandments … Read more

Apostate – No

James H. Moyle visited David Whitmer on June 28th, 1885, this is part of the conversation: While I am speaking from memory, the foregoing most essential facts to me and which are the sole object of my visit, were so indelibly impressed upon my mind, that they are perfectly clear and unmistakable. I asked him … Read more

Adultery – Yes

After it was discovered that Joseph had an affair with his 16 year old housemaid, members of the church wanted to replace Joseph Smith with David Whitmer as leader of the church. CHRONOLOGY OF AFFAIRS Fanny Alger is Joseph’s first known plural wife, whom he came to know in Kirtland during early 1833 when she, … Read more