Mormon Think

Mormonthink, Mormon Think, MT We filed this group under “Anti-Mormon” even though they claim that the majority of their contributors are LDS: About 25 Latter-day Saints have contributed substantially to the MormonThink website. The majority of those people are active, church-going members of the LDS Church. Most of us still attend church regularly, do our … Read more

Rob Johnson – Truth Shall Set You Free Ministries

It’s heartbreaking to have another disparager among the ranks of the ex-Mormons – Rob Johnson of The Truth Shall Set You Free Ministries, an ex-Mormon after 40 years who served a mission and had many callings. He can’t leave Mormonism alone and simply walk away:  The mind can’t let go what the heart knows: The Book … Read more

Dan Vogel – Early Mormon Documents Vol. V

Dan Vogel  Ex-Mormon and Atheist Early Mormon Documents, Vol. V   “Has come under fire by Mormon apologists who allege he is biased and critical of Mormon faith claims.[5] He is sometimes also criticised by ex-Mormons and anti-Mormons for not being sufficiently critical of Joseph Smith” (Wikipedia, retrieved 12/21/11) “When Whitmer explained that Joseph Smith had … Read more