Angel & Plates

Chicago Tribune THE ANGEL IN THE PASTURE After the translation was completed [Joseph] Smith, [Jr.], informed [Oliver] Cowdery, [David] Whitmer, and [Martin] Harris that the Lord had instructed him that the time was at hand when they should testify to all nations, tongues, and people concerning this work. These four Apostles of the Lord as … Read more

Mary Whitmer

Biographical Sketch Mary Musselman Whitmer, the only woman who saw the plates of the Book of Mormon, was born Aug. 27, 1778, and became the wife of Peter Whitmer. Together with her husband she was baptized by Oliver Cowdery in Seneca lake, April 18, 1830. Among the early members of the Church she was familiarly … Read more

Angel On Road

When David was interviewed by Orson Pratt and Joseph F. Smith he recounted his experience with an angel in disguise while on the road to his home with Joseph and Oliver from Harmony, PA: When I was returning to Fayette, with Joseph and Oliver, all of us riding in the wagon, Oliver and I on … Read more

Angel & Field

Orson Pratt and Joseph F. Smith Joseph sent for me to come to Harmony to get him and Oliver and bring them to my father’s house. I did not know what to do, I was pressed with my work. I had some 20 acres to plow, so I concluded I would finish plowing and then … Read more